Making things at home

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You can get many Ideas and help for making things at home that you can sell either as gifts for family for birthdays or Christmas by looking on Youtube or on Pinterest where you will find how to make unusual gifts and other things.

I find these are the best as they have many many subject and ideas that can help if you know what you are wanting to make you can even Google it how to make ...... On Youtube and Pinterest they have videos showing you exactly how to do it and its all free.
 If you have got your own talent that you want to share with others then you can also make money by putting it on one of them sites and getting paid to teach other people.

Also you can make cakes such as Cup cakes  or Christmas cakes and sell them at Christmas school fetes or at a market stall or car boot sale or start with friends and family. If you are into making things out of wood, I've seen somone selling dogs beds in all different styles and they get quite a lot of money for them. or things out of metal. Buying second hand furiture and painting it up then making it look distressed, and have you seen how much they charge for those!!! Making or knitting baby clothes and selling them just make them a bit different from what everyone else is selling.Get your creative juices flowing. There are loads of places that you can advertise your things like Pinterest, Pre-Loved, Craiglist. Ebay, Amazon, free friday ads, free index and many more. it doesnt have t cost you a penny in advertising your product if you use all the free sites there is loads of them out there the more you get the word around the more you will sell.
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