Monday, 23 March 2015

Your own Money Making Website or Blog MONEY NOW Would you like to have your own Website or Blog?

It is a lot easier than you think to set up, and you dont even need your own product to make money.
You can use other people's products.

If you are using other peoples products then you won't even have to lay out any money for stock or for mailing etc.

It is free to set up a blog so this may be the easiest one for you to start with.

If you decide that you want your own website then you need a Domain name and hosting

You can buy a Domain name for about £2.99  to £6.99 for a year.
I will put a couple of links at the bottom of this page to show you the of best places that you can buy them from.

Hosting would cost you about £6 a month there are all different prices but ive got an offer on at the moment for 1 cent for the 1st month to get you started.

First of all you will need a website blog
*     A Domain name for your
*     Hosting
*     Decide what you are going to sell or if you haven't anything in mind you can give information or        sell other peoples products for a commission. Unless you have got your own product, which would be even better.
*     Then you will need to drive traffic to your web. There are lots of ways of doing this.

is One of the biggest Domain and hosting programs its great for buying a domain the one page website is ok and easy to do, but if you want pictures or anything like that then you would have to go the website builder but I found it quite complicated to set up on godaddy but they are good for domain names.

If you get the domain from Godaddy it doesn't mean that you have to get the hosting from there too. there are a lot of ones that are easier to use to make your website.

You can get a discount by going through my link to Hostgator. A lot of the experienced marketers use Hostgator as its  and cheaper if you are wanting to do more than 1 site you can get the Baby Plan. The way that the big marketers make money is by having a lot of different sites eg. 1 site may bring in £50 a month another may bring in £500 a month and so on. that way you can build up to a substancial income each month.

You can use the coupon code chrissy777 to get 25% off. I have just negotiated a new deal for my followers to get hosting for 1 cent only for the 1st Month so you can try it for virtually nothing. Just click on the banner at the bottom of this page  and enter the code chrissy999

I have put some other information on some of the other pages that will help you too.

I will be writing more on this subject, but if you want to contact me for any questions that you may have and if I can help I will. If not I will be able to refer you to somewhere that can. Use the contact form at the top of the page.

'm back again I have got a video for you to show you how to set up a blog. This mum has got a child in the background so obviously she is a mum making money from home. So if she can do it so can you. I will be putting some more videos on about how to build your own website.

take a look here to watch the Video on how to make a Blog

Later I will put more good videos on for you to learn more and on how to monetse your website or blog.

In order to be able to give free information and keep working on this site and for it to pay for itself
I have included affiliate links to Amazon, Clickbank and any future links.
The writer will not be responsible for or pay compensation that results in any damage due directly or indirectly from this blog or any of the information recommended by this site or any advertisers or 3rd party sponsors or links.

Or there is an offer I have negotiated for my followers to get you started really cheaply $7.95 a month that's about £4 at the current exchange rate but you don't even have to buy a Domain you get 3 free Domains plus hosting, plus email, plus loads of other free benefits. check it out now as I don't know how long the offer will be on for.
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