Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Fed up of Going it alone meet and discuss it with other people like yourself

Have you been struggling for ages to try and make some money on the web?

But find your struggling alone. I know how it is I did that for a long time.
well you don't need to now. There's no excuses.

On this page I want to create a place where we can contact other people through comments and help each other or if there is a person in your area who you want to work with and you have both got the same goals, then you can help each other.

 You may know a lot about building websites but not about marketing and someone else may know something about other things. I will be putting a box on here this week but if you want to put them on before i do then use the contact form on the other page or posts on this site and I will put the comments on so who is going to start the ball rolling!!!

It is so difficult struggling on your own at home . It doesn't matter if you are a begginer or have some experience we can all help each other.

You can put tips and tricks you have learnt or web addresses for free tools, every bit helps in keeping the costs down especially when you are just starting out.

Here is another site that is free to join and all the members give advice and ideas on where to make money from home  also it advises of any scams or if you have any ideas let the members know also if you have tried anything and got stung tell the other members. it is called the money shed click here and take a look
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