Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Fed up of Going it alone meet and discuss it with other people like yourself

Have you been struggling for ages to try and make some money on the web?

But find your struggling alone. I know how it is I did that for a long time.
well you don't need to now. There's no excuses.

On this page I want to create a place where we can contact other people through comments and help each other or if there is a person in your area who you want to work with and you have both got the same goals, then you can help each other.

 You may know a lot about building websites but not about marketing and someone else may know something about other things. I will be putting a box on here this week but if you want to put them on before i do then use the contact form on the other page or posts on this site and I will put the comments on so who is going to start the ball rolling!!!

It is so difficult struggling on your own at home . It doesn't matter if you are a begginer or have some experience we can all help each other.

You can put tips and tricks you have learnt or web addresses for free tools, every bit helps in keeping the costs down especially when you are just starting out.

Here is another site that is free to join and all the members give advice and ideas on where to make money from home  also it advises of any scams or if you have any ideas let the members know also if you have tried anything and got stung tell the other members. it is called the money shed click here and take a look

Sunday, 17 May 2015

How to Find Drop Shippers and International wholesalers

Wholesale Sources - How To Find Verified Wholesalers and Drop Shippers Instantly - Wholesale Forum

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Your own Money Making Website or Blog MONEY NOW Would you like to have your own Website or Blog?

It is a lot easier than you think to set up, and you dont even need your own product to make money.
You can use other people's products.

If you are using other peoples products then you won't even have to lay out any money for stock or for mailing etc.

It is free to set up a blog so this may be the easiest one for you to start with.

If you decide that you want your own website then you need a Domain name and hosting

You can buy a Domain name for about £2.99  to £6.99 for a year.
I will put a couple of links at the bottom of this page to show you the of best places that you can buy them from.

Hosting would cost you about £6 a month there are all different prices but ive got an offer on at the moment for 1 cent for the 1st month to get you started.

First of all you will need a website blog
*     A Domain name for your
*     Hosting
*     Decide what you are going to sell or if you haven't anything in mind you can give information or        sell other peoples products for a commission. Unless you have got your own product, which would be even better.
*     Then you will need to drive traffic to your web. There are lots of ways of doing this.

is One of the biggest Domain and hosting programs its great for buying a domain the one page website is ok and easy to do, but if you want pictures or anything like that then you would have to go the website builder but I found it quite complicated to set up on godaddy but they are good for domain names.

If you get the domain from Godaddy it doesn't mean that you have to get the hosting from there too. there are a lot of ones that are easier to use to make your website.

You can get a discount by going through my link to Hostgator. A lot of the experienced marketers use Hostgator as its  and cheaper if you are wanting to do more than 1 site you can get the Baby Plan. The way that the big marketers make money is by having a lot of different sites eg. 1 site may bring in £50 a month another may bring in £500 a month and so on. that way you can build up to a substancial income each month.

You can use the coupon code chrissy777 to get 25% off. I have just negotiated a new deal for my followers to get hosting for 1 cent only for the 1st Month so you can try it for virtually nothing. Just click on the banner at the bottom of this page  and enter the code chrissy999

I have put some other information on some of the other pages that will help you too.

I will be writing more on this subject, but if you want to contact me for any questions that you may have and if I can help I will. If not I will be able to refer you to somewhere that can. Use the contact form at the top of the page.

'm back again I have got a video for you to show you how to set up a blog. This mum has got a child in the background so obviously she is a mum making money from home. So if she can do it so can you. I will be putting some more videos on about how to build your own website.

take a look here to watch the Video on how to make a Blog

Later I will put more good videos on for you to learn more and on how to monetse your website or blog.

In order to be able to give free information and keep working on this site and for it to pay for itself
I have included affiliate links to Amazon, Clickbank and any future links.
The writer will not be responsible for or pay compensation that results in any damage due directly or indirectly from this blog or any of the information recommended by this site or any advertisers or 3rd party sponsors or links.

Or there is an offer I have negotiated for my followers to get you started really cheaply $7.95 a month that's about £4 at the current exchange rate but you don't even have to buy a Domain you get 3 free Domains plus hosting, plus email, plus loads of other free benefits. check it out now as I don't know how long the offer will be on for.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Article Writing WRITING Hi you don't have to be a good writer to make money from writing articles. You can find all the information and subjects that you need to know about right here on the web.

Just make sure that, if you are getting your articles from other peoples work, that you put it in your own words.

You can join many of the article writing sites for free I will give you a list of them at the bottom of this page and also the links.

It is a good way, If you need money really quick. At first on some of the sites it looks like The pay you will be getting is not worth the time and effort that you are putting into it.

But it's what comes after that makes it worthwhile e.g.

Some sites start by offering $1.00 to $2.60 for a 150 word article. 150 words is not a lot to write even more so if it is a subject that you know a lot about anyway.

That is on the 1st level and you would have to write about 30 articles. You can pick and choose which ones you want to write about from the selection.selection, Then you can try and have a look again in about 15 minutes or a half  hour, as there is always more people needing articles written and the site gets thousands of requests for articles each day.

After you have got accepted for your articles, you can then move on to the next stage
at this stage they pay more per article. I think it's between  $5 and $8  some will pay more and there are longer articles for 400, 500, 750, and 1000 words the more you write the more you get paid.
I think its about 25 articles you have to have approved at this stage.

Oh frogot to mention you get tips too sometimes, And if the person who asked for it likes your writing you can get offered more jobs and name your price. (but not too much to begin with till your more experienced).

As you get more experienced you can then go to even higher levels and get even more $20 -$200 and the rest. If a Client really likes your work he will keep choosing yours.

I will be writing some tips on here about Do's and Don'ts  about where to get started and also
where you can get a lot of your information and research from.

With all the research available on the web you don't really need to know about any subject that you are writing about, You can find all the answers you need at the tips of your fingers.

I will just give you one financial example of what you can earn minimum.

1       150 word article per day @ $1 for 1 month   = $30
10     150 word articles per day @ $1 for 1 month = $300

1       150 word article per day @ $5 for 1 month = $150
10     150 word articles per day @$5 for a month = $1500

And this is just the minimum on the 1st 2 levels imagine what the possible earnings could be if you got to the higher levels or if you wanted to write longer more better paying articles.

If you sat me down with a pen and paper, I'd be crossing it out every five minutes and I never thought I could write. But one of the best ways for you to start writing is just to write it as if you are saying it to a friend.
I'm rubbish with pen and paper but, you may be better doing it that way and then putting it on to the computer after.
I know only too well how daunting it can be, Starting off I still get like that and also another problem I've got is time. I mean I never have time. But where there's a will or a need there is usually a way.           click on one of the links to see how easy it is my favorite is iwriter
                                                 as it's easy to get started and it isn't as difficult to get in as some                                                        others.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me and if I can help I will. The form is at the top of each Page. 


In order to be able to give free information and keep working on this site and for it to pay for itself
I have included affiliate links to Amazon, Clickbank and any future links.
The writer will not be responsible for or pay compensation that results in any damage due directly or indirectly from this blog or any of the information recommended by this site or any advertisers or 3rd party sponsors or links.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Need Money Now

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What if you could make extra money today,

 from Your home computer?

Earn Money

Things to do to earn money

xxx NEED MONEY NOW 20 WAYS OF MAKING MONEY FAST FROM HOME xxx html> My title page contents 2. Click Verify below. html> 2. Click Verify below. NEED MONEY NOW 20 WAYS OF MAKING MONEY FAST FROM HOME Hi. Would you like to start making extra money today?. We all need extra money now and again. So I have compiled a list of things, that will help you make money on the web. This site is for newbies or for people who have been trying and never made any money yet. The money is out there just for the taking, but a lot of us are stuck on what to sell or what to do and don't believe anyone when they say it's just push a button.

You have to work at it just like any other business. A lot of the things you can do on the web now, can be done for free and some of the things you can do cost money, just as in any other business.

There are lots of free tools to use if you know where to look and what to look for. There are also lots of offline businesses that you can start off cheaply or for next to nothing. And let's face it when we are just getting started, we need all the free tools we can get, we don,t mind paying out for some tools or tutoring if we can see that something is already possible to earn at least something or afterwards to enhance our efforts.

We are all sick of the scams and being ripped off by gurus, although sometimes we need some of the good gurus to help us when we are stuck. It is really hard sometimes when you are getting somewhere only to find that you get stuck and have obstacles that you need to overcome and haven't got a clue how to get past them, I know I've been there and like many I've bought many programs and spent many hours trying to work things out and in the end giving up.

 So I would like to start with some of the things that are easiest and don't cost much money or that are free. And some of them are a lot easier than you think where the link is blue click it to find out more...
(I am still in the process of doing this site and will be adding to it all the time the titles will turn blue with the link on when i have written more information on the subject)

So let's get started.

Making things at home        That can be sold on the web or privately Like cakes or Furniture if                                                         you're good at woodworking get some ideas off the web

Making money from Fiverr     Get someone else to do the work and you profit. Just check out this                                                        brilliant tool and find out how it will earn you money fast, with the                                                       least amount of effort. and all done for you. I have tried it myself it is                                                     brilliant

Affiliate Marketing                 Sell other peoples product and earn yourself a commission

Your own website or Blog      Selling things that you make yourself or buy things cheaply                                                                   and sell them on or it could be information that is useful e.g. How to do                                                 something that you have a lot of experience in and can teach other                                                         people.see more
Your own online Store           It is easy to open up your own online store with Amazon.

Blogging                                  If you're good with words or put your writing talents to good use
                                                 Then as you increase your traffic you will be able to put adverts on                                                         them and get commission or items from Amazon and earn a                                                                   commission

Article writing                        Write short articles and get paid for them. It is quick and easy money                                                      Fast. This is one of the fastest ways to get money now.
                                                Just click on the link
Make money unlocking phones  Make easy money unlocking phones

Build websites and sell them  Lots of people are wanting to start a business on the web if you know                                                     how to build a website then you can build them for other people or do                                                   pre made ones and sell them on something like ebay

Selling on E-BaySelling on E-Bay                Buying stuff cheap from Car boots or stuff you                                                                 already have if you don't want to pay E-bay's fees there are a lot of free                                                 sites where
                                                You can advertise your stuff such as Preloved, Gum tree or Craiglist.

Selling Tee-shirts                   You can design and sell your own tee-shirts on go tp the                                                 site with this link and then go to Learn more at the top of the page and
                                                It will explain all about it and how you can make good money from it.

Designing Logos                    Businesses will pay you good money for designing logos

Cleaning Services                  Start your own cleaning business

Give Computer lessons          There are a lot of older people who want to learn the basics but are                                                        embarrassed  to go to learn anywhere.

Reputable Drop Shipping  Companys and International Wholesalers  No Products to buy or post                                                         cheap way to start selling online.

Dog Walking Service            Start with your Friends, Family or Aquaintances on Facebook

Babysitting                            Start a babysitting service or dog sitting service

Writing E books                    If you're good at something or something you do in your job and people                                                want to know how to do it you can write about it its easy and                                                                  cheap to put it for sale on Amazon.

Collecting Things                 Collecting things that you can sell for money. I will
                                              Elaborate on this later

Currency Trading                  This can be a very lucrative activity, but there are a few tricks that you                                                   can do even if you know nothing to start with.

Flipping Domain names       You can buy Domain names very cheap and sell the for a profit                                                               sometimes a huge profit

Get paid to Play Games        If you play games on Facebook you may as well sign up with some of                                                   the Online firms and get paid money for it.

Answering Questions           There are companies that pay you money to answer questions

Phone Services                     There are many phone services Adult or Virtual assistant positions.

Reviews.                               Be a professional reviewer just give your honest opinion and with some                                                 sites you can try the products that you are reviewing  for free.

Shopping                              You can work for big companies, comparing and reporting prices or you                                               can earn extra money as a mystery shopper.

Painting or Odd Jobs            There are many free sites where you can advertise odd jobs

Picture or Videos                  If you have taken any really good pictures from unusual angles or funny                                               videos you can sell them on the web and get paid for them.

Furniture Removals               Help other people while helping yourself to earn extra cash by helping                                                 them pack or move house.
Furniture Recycling

Meals on Wheels                  Sometimes older people, or busy people can't or haven't got the time to                                                 make meals for themselves.

Massage                                If you're good at massaging sometimes there is a lot of people that would                                               pay good money to have their shoulders massaged.

Avon or Party Plans             Doing a party plan for Ann Summers or other companies or Avon                                                           representative. 

Trees                                    Getting rid of unwanted trees or bushes for people and this can lead to                                                    another business too...

Photo Editing                       If you have already done some Photo Montages on Facebook you can do                                              them for people for Presents. 

Car boot sales                      We've all got junk we need to get rid of or even ask family and friends to                                              give you something to add to your stuff that you can sell and make                                                        money on. 

How to get all the television channels you want for free including all the sky channels and any channel from all over the world. Just think how much you could save each month!! Just email me and I'll send you the url's. 

If you have any questions or want me to do one of the articles that haven't been done yet, done First then do not hesitate to email me and if I can help I will. The form is at the top of each Page. 

If you are interested in learning all about Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing and you dont want to struggle for years trying to learn it all on your own. 
If you have never made any money on the web or have tried loads of things and still not made any money then try Income Steps Acadamy 
Income steps academy is a complete course wich takes you through 4 different levels in little tiny steps.
With each level you will learn how to make more.

The 1st level will teach you how to make your first money online your goal is only $1

Then the next level is how to makeyour first  $100 online.

There are 2 more levels and with each one you will make more than the time before leading to your own full time income online.

Take a look here this is one of the easiest ways and one of the best teachers I have ever come across. This lady makes it so simple even if you haven't ever done it before she shows you everything as though you are looking over her shoulder.

And the latest group she is teaching now every single one of the members of her group have made money, in one way or another and they are all growing their businesses. Sara The mentor couldn't even believe it herself, I don't think, That everyone on the course made something, 

Every bit of support is there for you from start to finish, Not just from Sara and her team but also from all the other members too, that are all making money within her group.

She has got it set out so it is just one little step at a time. so that its not like a mssive thing which can get really overwhelming. I think thats why so many people fail when they get to overwhelmed and also information overload. One thing I used to fail on was when I kept getting obsticles that i had no clue how to get over.

 Well you wont have that problem as Sara and her team are there to help every step of the way and there is also the facebook page where everyone is willing to help each other, some people are more experienced than others but some have no experience at all.

 For those who have just started and also for those who have been struggling and never made a penny yet. Here is your chance don't miss it.

Direct Link 

Also a site where people talk about making money from home and give advice and ideas on genuine opportunities aslo let you know about any scams. it is free to become a member and you can win prizes you can also post on there if you have any ideas or if you have tried anything the site is Themoney shed

 Looking for somewhere nice to stay in the UK. Long or short breaks available, Reasonable prices. near to the beach and promenade and all amenaties.
Sorry the mobile number above is now wrong it should be 07546589321

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In order to be able to give free information and keep working on this site and for it to pay for itself
I have included affiliate links to Amazon, Clickbank and any future links.
The writer will not be responsible for or pay compensation that results in any damage due directly or indirectly from this blog or any of the information recommended by this site or any advertisers or 3rd party sponsers or links. Direct Link to Sales Page google-site-verification: googlee62e97b4fc960c5d.html

Making money with Affiliate Marketing money with Affiliate Marketing
Back to Home page

There are many ways this can be done Its easy and cheap to get started.
If you look at the bottom of many websites you will see that they have an affiliate link and all you have to do is sign up and you will get an affiliate link that you can either put on a Blog or you can make your own Website very easily and it wont cost much either then you put your link on your site and when they are redirected to the affiliate site and buy something then you can get commission.

That means that you don't even have to have your own products or carry any stock and the Company you have referred them too will send out the goods to them.
I will be putting some more information on this Blog later and also give you some links to help you get started and I will be putting my email address for you in case you need any help or want to ask for some more information.

Also if you don't want to wait there are some really cheap books that can guide you through all the processes of getting started I have picked this one because it has the best reviews. Just follow the link CLICK HERE

If you don't  know where to start and don't know who to believe in the one person i know who I have learnt a lot from is Sara Young.

To be honest with you, I thought yehh a woman with 7 kids just another load of b***sh**
but really iIhave followed her program and she seems like a really decent person who knows what its like to go without things and to get duped into things that don't really work.

I would recommend, her completely as she comes across as someone who knows what we've all been through and really cares.

She also knows how difficult it is when your starting from nothing so she finds all the things that you can use that don't cost money.

She also gives you the tutorials where you feel like you are watching over her shoulder while she is doing them. not just telling you how to do them. This makes such a big difference.

And its the way she teaches them that is good as well because she breaks it down into little pieces of ten minute videos. That way it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

She is also there all the time that you need any help or get stuck. she has a help desk which you can contact any time  if you have any problems.

Her goal is for you to reach you goal and she is there all the way to help you.
I have never know that happen from anyone else.

If you want to learn about Internet Marketing without it costing you  a fortune and without wasting money on all the other rubbish then take a look at what she is offering.

Sorry I can't give her link out at the moment as she has got enough people, but she said later she will be taking others on. So when she does I will put the link here.
Hi Sara has opened the link now Just check here to see the reviews or take a look at the

I have a 30 day Challenge for you, There is a money back guarantee on this course if you don't make anything in 30 days you can get all your money back  every penny. Thats how confident I am that you will make money even if you are a beginner.

Direct Link to Sales Page  click on the link and then click the link at the bottom

Most of the Gurus use marketing tools to make things a lot easier and faster
Take a look the best marketing tools to help get your tasks done even faster most of them are free to join. and if you know any that I haven't mentioned that will help others just leave a comment or email me.

With Clickbank you can make money online selling other people's products, without the need for a website. You get all the tools,information and instruction you need. Just take a look at the link below, if you are really serious about making your own income online. How To Make Money With Clickbank: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Make Money Online (Clickbank Affiliate Marketing,How To Make Money Online, Clickbank,Clickbank ... Home-Based Small Business Book 5)